Anonymous: I just started my diet. I'm 16 and i'm really looking for tips. Please help. THANK U FOR BEING SO INSPIRING (:



My top 10 weightloss tips :)

  1. Dont weigh yourself all the time. Once every 2-3 weeks.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Helps you feel more full, good for you, and hydration is critical during my workout.
  3. Don’t care what anyone else thinks. Wether its your breathing when your running, what people call you, or anything that brings you down. Your better then that. Why should you have to associate yourself with it?
  4. Realize you have your entire life..That double cheeseburger you really want to have or 5 cookies that will ruin your workout or your hard eating for the day.. You can have it 6 months from now. The food you love will always be on this earth. Saying that…
  5. Don’t completely restrict yourself. You can have a cheat meal once a week. You can have a small “Sweet” snack. You can still be satisfied, and full on a diet.
  6. Be positive. Think the best out of every situation. No matter how negitive. You will get the most out of it.
  7. Go hard. There is no reason someone can’t go hard during their workouts, it is 30-45 minutes a day, aka a TV Show length. 
  8. Lend a hand. Be more generous to others. The nicer you will be to yourself. 
  9. Learn to love being busy, You might have school all week, and homework and sports and you dont think you can find time to put the time in to better yourself.. wrong. Anything worth bettering yourself can be worked in your schedule. Do it. Why not? Will it kill you? No.
  10. Challenge yourself. Everyday. :)

Reblogging for the anons that always ask for tips :)


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Almost 14 month difference between these two pictures. I love the person I was on the left but I needed to take care of her health and that is how I came on this journey. I spent my twenties overweight and tired, but now that I’m 30, I’m going to spend the rest of my life taking care of this body!

Strength is Sexy


Sadly accurate.

Well. Goddamn it. 
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This is my escape. I plan to blog inspirational photos that will motivate me to achieve my goal weight and hopefully motivate you as well! Most importantly I plan to achieve this The Healthy Way.
Height 5’2’’ HW:193.3 SW:193.3 CW:171.7(As of 9/2/13) Being the best you can be is a choice of motivating yourself. I have chosen to feel good about myself, get in shape and feel beautiful. My wake up call starts now.
Do or do not there is no try